ARC and Citywire have teamed up to bring you The Great British Portfolio Playoff for DFMs and IFAs. Click here to visit the Citywire league page and find out more.

Entering is easy, simply register (or log in if you already have a suggestus account) and choose your region and league name. You will then be taken to the portfolio entry screen to set up your entry. Come back here each month or quarter to update your data.

Entries must be a real portfolio or model for which you can provide a valuation if asked. Top ranked entries will be audited to ensure fair play.

For full Competition Rules click here.

What do I need to Enter?

We want to make this competition as precise as possible, so you’ll need a few facts and figures to hand.

  • You'll need the monthly portfolio performance figures from Dec 15 to date
  • You can enter with either your performance % return, or the values & cash movements
  • Your portfolio needs to fall into the 'Steady Growth' category
  • You'll need to indicate the asset allocation that’s powered your performance or valuation, by equity, fixed income, cash and other
  • These can be entered via the Suggestus portal month-by month, or you can use the excel template to upload your data in one go

* Full details of eligibility criteria are in the Competition Rules click here.

For more information on the League view the Citywire website:

All entrants can download a detailed Portfolio Peer Review report (PPR) and summary every month during the competition (usually £25)! The report gives detailed insight into how your portfolio has performed. See example report below.

Example GBPPO Portfolio Report
Example GBPPO Portfolio Summary