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We collect and analyse data on hundreds of thousands of real portfolios from investment managers who truly embrace transparency.

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Suggestus provides a suite of tools to help you find the best solution for your clients. Built to provide advisers with an intuitive, compliant and repeatable process for reviewing and selecting the most appropriate investment manager.

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Want to know how a client’s portfolio has performed? Give us the data via our secure platform and we'll give you the answers.

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We collect and analyse data on hundreds of actual portfolios managed on behalf of charities and share the results to help you understand if you are getting the best out of your capital.

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Finalised ARC Indices are now available for Q1 2022

The first quarter's results for the ARC Private Client Indices, ARC Charity Indices and ARC Inheritance Tax Portfolio Indices are now available. The Estimates for April are also now available. Compare your performance to the universe of over 300,000 portfolios. 

The End of Easy Money ?

With interest rates trending down for more than 40 years, investors have enjoyed a powerful tailwind supporting outsized bond and equity market returns. When in 2007 it looked like the party might be ending, central banks responded by providing liquidity stimulus through quantitative easing, expanding their balance sheets and turning easy money into free money. And, as risk free rates of return became negative, it was not surprising that equity markets climbed strongly supported by both rising corporate profitability and valuation expansion. But what happens when nominal interest rates start moving up as inflation rises to levels not seen since the 1980s?

Watch the Q4 2021 Commentary

ARC Group Managing Director talks through the January commentary - "Noise - Cacophony or Symphony?"

There is no doubt that there is a great deal of "noise" when an investor is seeking to select a discretionary investment manager. By using available data and having a predetermined decision process, investors cut through the noise and appoint the right manager. Find out more in the video or download the full article here.

Noise: Cacophony or Symphony?

Investing is a tricky but unavoidable business for those looking to secure their financial futures. One answer as to how to invest is to follow the advice of Warren Buffett to his wife that on his death she should invest by purchasing an index fund. Sounds simple but it assumes knowledge of which index or indices should be tracked. It is also rather disingenuous as Warren Buffett clearly continues to believe that his concentrated stock approach can outperform a passive investment strategy or surely he would have implemented one within Berkshire Hathaway.