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We believe that to realise the potential of their wealth, all investors deserve unbiased insights informed by unrivalled real-world performance data.

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What is ARC Suggestus?

Developed in collaboration with the investment community, ARC Suggestus provides a performance focused information resource for wealth advisers, private investors and charities.

Unrivalled Insights + Powerful Reporting

For Wealth Advisers

Advisers can access an intuitive and repeatable process for reviewing and selecting the most appropriate investment manager for their clients.

  • Risk Profiling and Manager Screening
  • Standardised DFM Due Diligence
  • DFM Performance Reports
  • Client Performance Reporting

For Private Investors

We collect and analyse data on hundreds of thousands of real portfolios from leading investment managers to bring context to your investing experience.

  • Performance & Fee Checker
  • Access the ARC Indices
  • Investment Commentaries
  • Portfolio Performance Monitoring

For Charities

An invaluable resource for charity trustees, investment committees and finance directors to help you understand if your investments are delivering value.

  • Performance Checker
  • Access the ARC Charity Indices
  • Charity Fund Research
  • Portfolio Performance Reporting

Are you an Investment Manager?

Help set the industry benchmark

The ARC Indices deliver an invaluable benchmarking tool to impartially compare your investment strategies against your competitors and peers.

There are wide-ranging benefits of joining the community of investment managers embracing transparency in the pursuit of better investment performance for their clients.

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