The final ARC Index results for Q4 2022 and estimates for January 2023 are now available.
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Finalised ARC Indices are now available Q4 2022

The fourth quarter's results for the ARC Private Client Indices, ARC Charity Indices and ARC Inheritance Tax Portfolio Indices are now available. The Estimates for January are also now available. Compare your performance to the universe of over 300,000 portfolios.

Throwing Caution to the Wind

As Harold MacMillan is reputed to have said, the greatest difficulty comes from “Events, dear boy, events”. 2022 was a year when events made the art of investment even more difficult than usual. A combination of factors including the war in Ukraine, inflation and slowing global growth triggered falls in the value of most asset classes over 2022. Thus, multi-asset class portfolios delivered negative returns for the vast majority of private client investors.